Moving to Mastodon from twitter

Anti-twitter logo

Well, the time has come. I’ve decided it’s time to move on from twitter, with all of their latest bs. You have to be logged in to see anyone, you are limited to viewing 600 tweets, not to mentiona all of the political crap that is going on with the owner. Pesonally I don’t care who owns what (for the most part), but some of those actions can be detrimental to others, and that’s what has happened here.

I joined twitter in June 2008, and have been pretty active since then. I brought a few friends onto the platform, and even talked my wife into joining in December of 2008. That gives me ~15 years on the platform. Sadly, that time is now over. Will I use Mastodon a lot? Possibly, we’ll see.

For now, you can interact with me on Mastodon.

Moving from reddit to lemmy

Anti-reddit logo

Reddit is another site that I have used daily (even more than twitter). I currently have nearly 150k karma on the site, and have been using it since September 2008. I used the site daily for all kinds of things, keeping up with the latest local news, the latest amateuro radio goings on, the latest cute animals, technical information, nearly everything.

Unfortunately, the CEO of reddit, has decided he would like to be just like the CEO of twitter, and start charging excessive amounts for api access. This has led to many subreddits to black out in protest.

Now let me be clear, I (and may others) have no problem paying for content. In fact I was a reddit premium user for years before this happened. There comes a time however, when it is just greed, and that is what happened here. For a single app, it would cost them millions of dollars a year to continue to exist. On top of that many moderators and users require third party apps to asisst in morderating, or even reading the site. However due to the absolute greed of the CEO, a lot of those people cannot moderate, or even interact with reddit.

Due to all of that, I have removed everything from my reddit account, and no longer interact with the site at all. Instead I have moved over to my own personal Lemmy instance. The nice thing is I can interact with other instances, using my own account on my own server, thanks to federation. The same thing that allows me to chat with other instances on my Matrix server.

So if you want to look for me, don’t look on reddit, don’t look on twitter, intead look for me on Lemmy, on Mastodon or even on Matrix. I’m loving the fediverse so far, and will continue to use it as my main driver for everything social.