Trisha Spring Plunkett

Born 27 April 1976
Died 20 July 2014

Trisha Spring Plunkett (Leder) was born in Lansing Michigan on 27 of April 1976. She had 2 boys, Joshua and Zane. She passed away on 20 of July 2014 in holt, Michigan.

She has 2 brothers, Dustin and Nicholas.

She will be forever loved and missed by her family and friends.

Below is a poem written for Trish and read by her brother Nick at her funeral.

I’ll never forget the times we shared growing up playing in the leaves and snow

Every memory of you is locked in my heart and I’ll never let them go

Even the ones I wasn’t there for

Like Dusty hitting you in the face with the sorry board

And the time he peed on your head when you wouldn’t let him play with you and your friend

Those stories I’ll never forget

That time you had a friend coming over and told me and Dusty someone was coming to kill you had me so scared

You grabbed a butcher’s knife and said you were going to stab him when he got there

I remember going through my toy box looking for a weapon to use

I was terrified but I was willing to do anything to protect you

Your friend showed up and I was about to faint

You let him in and told us it was just a prank (thank God!)

You could always bring a smile to my face no matter what I was going through

If anybody could pick me up it was you

Anytime I needed to laugh you never failed

You were always there for me with a disgusting joke to tell (chin nuts)

You had a way of being incredibly annoying but hilarious at the same time

You could have everybody laughing and wanting to strangle you at the same time

I remember when mom rented you a limousine on the day you turned sixteen, you were so happy that day

It was so nice to see the smile on your face

I was so excited when you got pregnant with my first nephew, I couldn’t wait to meet him

As a baby I would carry him around and feed him

Months after he was born the first word I heard him say was “shit” and I thought that was so cool

I knew we would be best friends for life because he was a product of you

There were alot of hard times but you stayed strong and always pulled through

You had a goal in mind, nothing could stop you

I was always amazed at your strength

Fast forward a few years and there was another child on the way

You gave birth to another boy named Zane (who you lovingly gave the nickname Satan’s spawn)

He was one of the coolest dudes I’ve ever met since day one

The most amazing thing I’ve ever seen is watching these kids grow

I’m honored to be a part of their every day, teaching them everything I know

You took me to my first icp concert and had to lie to Everett to get him to come too

You said pantera was playing to get him to come with you

On the way he saw all the kids with painted faces “Who’s opening for them, Kiss?”

When he found out we tricked him, was he pissed

You had to send him to save me from the mosh pits

Visiting you in Florida was one of the best times ever

Going to busch gardens and fishing from the pier

Everything we did was so much fun simply because you were there

I’ll always remember every Christmas, thanksgiving, and holiday

And the summers camping at Gunn lake

I’ll always think of you when I hear 80’s rock n roll that’s for certain

And I will always think of you when I hear the word “beefcurtain”

We love you and miss you Trish. Love always, Dusty

Trish with her son Josh

Trish with Josh and Zane

Trish with her mom Brenda and son Josh

Trish with her grandma Beatrice

Trish with her brothers Dusty (middle) and Nick (right)